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What to Look for when Watching a Walk-Through Video

Walk-through videos are becoming increasingly popular. The seller’s agent simply films a tour of a home, often including commentary, and then makes the video available to prospects. When you’re shopping for a new home, you want to get the most out of watching this type of video, especially if you’re relying on it to help you decide whether or not to make a viewing appointment.


Consider these suggestions:


• Remember, it’s a video. Take advantage of the ability to pause, go back and forth, and take screenshots you can review later.


• While you’re watching, jot down any questions you have about the property.


• When you’re watching, look for everyday items that can give you perspective, such as a lamp, sofa or chair. These items will help you gain a more accurate sense of room sizes.


• Although that previous tip will help, it’s still difficult to judge room size on a video. So, don’t be quick to dismiss a listing because you think the rooms might be too small.


• Pay attention to what is not shown. Did the agent leave the ensuite bathroom out of the video? That may indicate an issue.


• When viewing the main rooms, such as the living room and kitchen, try to get a sense of how your furniture will fit.


• Make a list of features and characteristics you want in your next home. Have that list handy as you watch the video. You can use it as a checklist.


• Pay attention to the flow. Notice how the rooms are connected and whether the layout suits your lifestyle. Consider factors like privacy, noise levels, and accessibility.


• Assess the condition of the property. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear, water damage, or structural issues. Zoom in on areas like ceilings, walls, and floors for a closer inspection.


• Evaluate natural lighting. Take note of the direction the windows face and how much natural light enters each room. This can significantly impact the ambiance and energy efficiency of the home.


• Consider the surroundings. Look beyond the interiors and observe the exterior surroundings, including the neighbourhood, neighbouring properties, and outdoor amenities like gardens or parking spaces.


• Research the neighbourhood. Use online mapping tools to explore the neighbourhood further. Look for nearby amenities like schools, parks, grocery stores, and public transportation options to assess the convenience of the location.


• Consult with your real estate agent. Your real estate agent can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their expertise and knowledge of the local market. Discuss your impressions and questions with them to make informed decisions.


• Stay flexible. Keep in mind that walk-through videos offer a convenient preview, but they may not capture every detail or aspect of the property. Remain open-minded and be prepared to adapt your expectations during the viewing appointment.


By incorporating these tips into your approach, you can make the most of walk-through videos to narrow down your choices and make informed decisions when searching for your next home. 


Lastly, if you like what you see, take the next step. Schedule a viewing appointment with your REALTOR®.



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